Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adoption Day!

Something fluffy this way comes...

Photo by kitten cam viewer Cindy Forman

Meet Newt, the princess of the litter and queen all things fluffy, from The Critter Room.

After a lovely morning drive up past Seattle, I arrived at Petsmart around 10am. I met Ash's new parents, who are the nicest and most lovely people you could ever hope to meet.

We were informed that John was running a little late with the kittens. I had not been able to watch the Kitten Cam at all since I was driving, but I knew the emotions must be running high for the thousands of people who have followed Ripley and her kittens for the past 2 months, and likely John was giving the kittens a proper goodbye.

Kittens settled in for their last family nap
Susan and her friendly staff of Purrfect Pals volunteers helped us get some of the paperwork done, and encouraged us to go shopping while we waited. I met some really nice people who made the trek from Canada just to meet the kittens, as well as some other friendly fans.

Pretty soon, John arrived with the kittens! The darlings were nervous and a little shy to come out of the carrier, but after about 20 minutes, they all settled in to nap together.

I have to admit, I was a little star-struck seeing John, Chris, Ripley and the kittens in person. Look how tall John is! Did you have any idea he was this tall? Eat your hearts out, ladies, he is even more handsome in person, and Chris is just as sweet as you have come to expect of him. (And, he has the cutest girlfriend ever; I hope he doesn't mind me saying so.)

I really enjoyed my time with this crowd of well-wishers and adopters, oooh-ing and ahhhh-ing over the kittens. Ash's new daddy was kind enough to let me give Ash some proper snuggles before he went to his new home.  He is so.darn.fluffy.  Look at those eyebrow whiskers! I would have been in heaven to bring this special guy home with me, but I know without a doubt he will be loved mightily by his new family, and I look forward to keeping up with him on facebook.

John giving away the bride
When I held Newt for the first time, I was surprised at how little of an actual kitten is in that big ball of fluff. It was almost like holding a ball of dryer lint-- there is almost nothing in there! Her fluff is very fine and unruly, and she has really long whiskers, same as Ash.

After some kitten snuggles, paperwork, and shopping, it was time to start saying goodbyes. We learned that, despite some no-shows of applicants, all the kittens were spoken for, and someone might be coming down for Ripley.  (Indeed, she was adopted shortly after I left.) John lovingly said goodbye to Newt and placed her in the carrier for me to take. It was hard to know that I was taking her away from the only family she knows, from John and Chris, her siblings and her mama. It must be scary and confusing.

The ride home was mellow and quiet for Newt and I. I was worried she would be uncomfortable or nervous but she sat still and slept most the time without showing any distress. I had time to think about how the kids would react to meeting her, where will she be most comfortable for the first couple days, what kind of bowls she would like best for sitting in, will she want a tiara or a crown... you know, the usual kitten questions.

Although my kids have been watching the kitten cam with me, I did not let on to the fact that I was going to try to adopt. Up until the last minute, the rule was "first come first serve," and although I was prepared to camp out all night to get the kittens I wanted, I knew there was no guarantee.  I did not want to get their hopes up. Newt was especially my daughter's favorite, and I could not wait for her to learn that she was a part of our family now.  They did not know where I was going that day, they were busy with their own Saturday activities, and so it was a true surprise for them!

In case there was any doubt that this kitten will be loved, you can see for yourself....

Love at first sight

After meeting everyone, Newt seemed a little anxious so I sequestered her to the bedroom with her litter box, some food and water, and spent some time calmly patting her before letting her hide under the bed.  As a side note, if you ever want to torture children, introduce them to your new kitten and then tell them they can't play with it.

I checked on Newt a few times but allowed her the space and quiet she clearly wanted. I remembered that John enclosed her favorite purple fluff-ball with her things, and she immediately responded by smelling it and pulling it close to her. It was obviously a very comforting thing for her to have something familiar.

When I was ready for bed, I burrowed a cave in some blankets on my bed and Newt was happy to crawl inside. Throughout the night I would wake to find her slowly coming out of the cave and closer to me, and by morning, she was snuggled right up against me. When I woke up and looked at her, she was already looking at me, and started to purr. Her eyes were bright and alert and she had a frisky look about her, so I grabbed her fluff-ball and she bat it around a little, shyly. She still was not jumping around or running, but she let it know who's boss. 

I gave her lots of pets and scritches and snuggles, and then reintroduced her to her box and her food and water. She used the box, and then had a few bites of food, and returned to her spot under the bed. She is still a little nervous when the bedroom door opens, and wants nothing to do with whatever is out there, so I will give her some more time to herself before bringing her out.

Overall, we are so happy with our adoption experience and want to express our most sincere gratitude for Purrfect Pals, and John and Chris, for bringing these special kittens into our lives!  I know there are thousands of people who have fallen in love with the kittens, and I feel so, so lucky to have been able to give one of them a home. 

Newt's facebook community page is Newt O'Ripley, which received over 3000 likes in less than 24 hours! We will probably eventually change her name to fit with our family, but she will always be Newt, Ripley's smallest kitten, from Foster Dad John's world-famous Kitten Cam, sister to Ash, Parker, Dallas and Bishop.

AKA The Observer, Newtie, Newtie Pie, Newtie-Patootie, Princess Newt, Newt Loop, Newt the Cute, and Bowl of Newtles.

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  1. Your post brought tears to my eyes, and your minions' reaction "THIS IS THE REAL NEWT?" was wonderful. Thank you!

  2. sweet story for a sweet kitten best wishes to all of you!

    This is such a lovely write up, and I am honoured to 'know' you, Newt's Saviour Mom!

  4. Thank you for taking the time to write this. I didn't get emotional when they left but you wrote this so well that I felt my eyes tear up.

    Newt is in a good home and really loved. I'm glad you found each other!

  5. What a wonderful write-up about your experience, and the video of your kids! Thank you so much! This is a real treat. I look forward to checking out the rest of your blog, too! (of course, I am already a fan on FB of Newt O'Ripley)

  6. Oh my goodness, I loved this. Loved the video. Loved your kids' reactions. Lovelovelove!

  7. Thank you so much for this message! Following the kitties on the cam makes us love them and feel that they are part of our world, and it's so great to see that they find a new loving family, and to have update.
    It is clear that Newt has found the perfect place, and that she will receive all the love she needs and deserves.
    You are a beautiful family, and seeing the joy of your children, discovering the "real" Newt, made me cry of emotion.
    Thank you!
    And I wish you all the best for the future!

  8. Thank you SO MUCH for your blog post. I think yours is the best home we could have hoped for our little princess Newt, and I wish you many long years of joy together. :)

  9. This is great to know that Newt will be loved ! Thanks to let us know how she's doing !

  10. It's THE Newt! I'm a wee bit jealous because she was my favourite, but it is clear that she has a warm and loving forever home, that is giving her the space she needs to settle herself. I look forward to reading more!

  11. I am so excited for you and your kids! Their reactions were priceless!

  12. I loved the kid's faces when the discovered she was 'the real' Newt. It was like they were meeting a celebrity, which I suppose she is x

  13. Awww, so sweet, enjoy your time with Newt. I am very glad that there are people out there who are willing to adopt!

  14. Getting to see the video of the kids being surprised by Her Cuteness, Miss Real Newt, was the best ever !! Have tons of fun !!

  15. Reading your blog, I *knew* instantly Newt was with her absolutely perfect furrever family when you were wondering if she would want "a tiara or a crown ..." PERFECT for Princess Newt!!! Thank you so much for your willingness to share her with us. It'll be such a joy watching her and your kids grow together.

    Oh, and the fact that you're a vegetarian blogger is *perfect* for me! My daughter is a vegetarian and is always looking for new and better ways to prepare good food. So you've got me hooked on 2 accounts now!!! :)

    Thanks again!!

  16. How absolutely wonderful! I'm so so glad she's *home* where she's found the patience to let her settle in, and the love and adoration she deserves. Thank you for such a lovely write up! The kids' reactions were priceless. =)

  17. "As a side note, if you ever want to torture children, introduce them to your new kitten and then tell them they can't play with it." - LOL!!!! :) Thanks for giving Newt a loving home, for sharing everything with us, and for having a great sense of humor about it all!

  18. LOL I love Newt the Cute! What a beautiful blog post and such a sweet thing to do for your kiddos :)

  19. Cute little Newt *_* thanks for the update, as well as all the pictures & videos.

  20. Reading your post made me cry a bit, but with tears of joy. I am so happy that Newt is going to such a wonderful home with a family that will adore her. I loved your kids reactions. Newt was my favorite kitten and completely stole my heart. Thanks so much for posting about her and giving her such good home.

  21. Thank you for sharing the video of your minions discovering their blessing. "THE real Newt?" was priceless! I am also assured that Newt has a loving home and a family who will care for her and treat her for the princess she is. Blessings to you and your family, Newt.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing with us! Newtie is in the perfect home! Loved the reaction of your minions when they found out that she is The Real Newt!

  23. Thank you for sharing such special moments with us.
    It was really special to see your childrens reaction when they realised they had the real Newt.
    Bless you all from Ireland.

  24. What a great blog!! I read it slowly and I read it twice, once out loud.

    I think Princess Newt has found her perfect forever home. Her new mom is gentle, quiet & incredibly nurturing, just what Newt needs!

    I melted when you wrote that Newt inched up to you through the night and ended up right next to you when you woke up!

    I think you've already bonded with her & you will now be her go-too person! I'm so envious, she is such a little china doll picture perfect kitten! Good luck with her and isn't it neat that your kids are going to grow up with awesome!

    Thanks for sharing & I look so forward to more!

  25. Yay!!! Yay!!! Yay!!!

    Congratulations!!! You have gotten to have most of a dream come true and a fabulous, cute, fun kitten.

    I've also been a cat person all my life and I started watching John's kittens partway through the Scientists. I'm truly addicted to kitten cam (and chocolate). This batch of kittens (almost wrote cookies ) was soooo cute that I might have been serious about adopting if I didn't live 3,000 miles away.

    There was something about each of Ripley's kittens that I really loved but I must admit that Newt is my favorite. I am looking forward to watching her (and your cute kids) grow up. I probably won't comment much but I'll be here a lot.

    And, thanks so much for posting on a blog so I can comment if I want. (I'm not on Facebook so I don't get to write quick notes.) I read everything and sometimes I say something on chat but its not really my style.

    Have fun and give Newt a little tickle for me.

    Debby Y. from Philadelphia

  26. Ok--definitely weeping here ;) What a great write-up! Thanks for sharing the story and for adopting the sweet girl. It sounds like she is right where she belongs!

  27. Oh how lovely - especially the reaction from your kids. Thanks for sharing

  28. I wish Newt and her new family all the best

  29. Awww, how cute. Thank you for letting us be a part of your experience. You'll be a great family for Newt. :)

  30. ~snf~ I miss her. I'm sure she'll be more than fine, though. ;_;

  31. Amazing. Thankyou so much for giving her a home. Your childrens reactions are perfect!

  32. Hello , i am Glad to se that Newt has found a good Family,but i am a Little Bit sad because i dont no if Little Newt will have a cat to play with her together. I Hope so,Then every cat Need a cat Friends to Play, to Take, to make stupid Things. Newt is a cat the loved it to Play with her Sisters and Brothers, she loved it only too Look what they do. Sorry for my Bad englisch. Its a Long Time that i was in school. Lol. I have See your Kids so enjoy about Newt. It Makes me Feeling Good, but please, think about my words and have a playmate for Newt so she is Not Alone the next 20 Year without the company from cats. I will send you and your Familie the best Wishes how i can get.
    Nice greatings from Monika from Germany (i was watch the Kittens from beginning)

  33. I had to come visit again so I could show my 11 year old the video .... Awwwwwwwwww all over again!

  34. I am so thrilled little Newt is going to have such a loving home! Thank you for sharing this joy with us!